´╗┐Tech gigs posed with immunity of mobile apps Technology is rapidly growing and the world is getting digitized. All the gadgets are turning into smart gadgets, everything is reduced in size and the advancement in it is huge. The revolution which has happened in the 21st century is the invention of smartphones. It website has become the most essential part of everyone’s life, without which it is hard to live. The smartphones are filled with a different set of applications; there is an application available for everything. These applications are available for us on the Play Store or the App Store. People tend to install the applications from the respective stores which are compatible with their smartphones. The statistics state that almost 80 percent of the people who own a smartphone do not use the native apps on their smartphones. Native applications on the smartphones fulfill the basic needs, but with the non native apps, zillions of things can be done. People are downloading many apps for their smartphones; these applications do serve the purpose. There is something beyond that we need to think about, the mobile app security. Whenever we are using a particular application, we need to be sure about the fact that the data provided is safe and secure. Mobile applications are available for us to provide Lisri many services. A few of the mobile apps require our personal details, so can we be sure that the information is going to be secure? In today’s generation everyone are swooned by the social media and there is an app available for it as well. It is a fact that, these websites do hold the personal details which we share. When the tech gigs are developing the mobile apps they need to consider the safety and security of the information. So, what are the factors which the tech gigs, consider when they are developing the mobile apps? They are aware of the fact that, the user will not know the technology used for encrypting the data and keeping it safe. The encryption of the particular application does not end with just getting it encrypted. There are many other things which come under it, when someone is trying to keep our data safe and secure. Applications are now secured with the help of passwords or fingerprints. But, are these options reliable, will they really keep our information safe and secure without getting breached? A recent survey states that there have been many cyber invasions and it has created havoc in the security systems. On an average, the applications which are available on the respective stores are hacked by 70 percent. This number is significant and we cannot ignore it, the security measures which are taken at present is not enough. Due to this, the tech savvy developers are left with questions of securing the applications. Reasons behind Cyber breach • With the development of the technology, there is a flip side, we need to look at, the “Hackers”. These are the people who are good at stealing information from the most secure locations and servers. • There are many ways in which a hacker can attack our mobile application or the information which is available on a website or a personal online account. • Mobile app security is violated when the device is not enabled with strong protective measures. • The mobile apps face security issues when the device is interacting with the external sources and has the liability of losing the information. • Organizations have the ability to build these mobile devices with the strongest security measures. But still, even these devices are getting attacked by the hackers. • To avoid the infringement of the security of the smartphones and the mobile applications. The code has to be developed in such a way that it cannot be re-engineered in any manner and the security does not get fissured. Can we rely on secured mobile apps? • In the Play store or the App store there are a few hundreds of apps available for us to make sure that our smartphones are safe and secure. • There are a few applications which always keep flashing with multiple advertisements. These are not completely reliable, as it is not from the source of the actual mobile app. • Mobile applications do have the encryption available for the data which we are providing. Only a few mobile applications have the ability to secure our messages, texts, emails and personal information. • The app security is reliable only if it is not readable by any third party sites or apps. A recent survey stated that 40 percent of the mobile apps have failed the authentication of security provided by the mobile apps. • Unfortunately, 90 percent of the apps have links throughout the app, which do not have the SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This helps the hacker to breach the secure layers and instill unreliable and unnecessary content. • The applications do provide us the option of activating the security locks for the mobile apps on our smartphones. • There are consequences when our smartphones get stolen by any chance, it is no big deal for the snipers to figure out the security lock and fetch the highly confidential information from our phones. How can we make the best security for the mobile apps? The reality is that, how much ever the tech gigs create greater security measures for the mobile apps, they still get breached. So, how are we going to overcome the obstacles? And provide the best solution for the future generation of techies. Here is a list available for us to look at and take the measures to make the best ever possible security for the mobile apps. • Creating a mobile application and putting it up in the market of millions of apps has become a norm. So, we need to create a mobile app which has the highest level of security and safety. • Securing the mobile app will not be enough; the security relies even on the device. It should be safe and secure across all the platforms and the devices as well. • There are software’s and applications available for us to install and secure the devices and the apps as well. But, we need to make sure that they will help us to keep the data and information safe and secure. • Mobile applications which are developed by the tech savvy developers focus on the design, interface and the usability. Another main factor they need to focus on is providing security to the mobile app. • A few applications works only with the internet connection, and our information available online should be kept safe and secure. While developing the app we need to ensure that, the confidential information is not active on the app or the site. • If, there is a disruption of the security, then who is to be held responsible? Is it the application or the device? Understanding this aspect is important, so as to provide a better quick fix for the security breach. • Application development is not subjected to a particular scenario. So, there are situations when the information on the device may be left unprotected. • It is necessary that we are developing the applications which will keep the data and information is safe, secure and is not liable for any kind of contravention in the security standards. In Conclusion Mobile applications are one of the most prized possessions of the younger generation. The tech gigs are glad with that fact and are developing innumerable applications. They do take the utmost care of developing the mobile apps which have higher security. But, there are people who tend to be more intelligent than the tech gigs (hackers) and infringe the security. Everything around us is evolving and the people are adapting to the changes. The mobile apps are developed from multiple sources and it is not a single source. Organizations have to brainstorm the ideas of developing the mobile apps with highest security standards for all the sources. Upgrading ourselves according to the needs of the people and analyzing all the factors is essential. In the future everything is going to be enormous; the successors will be the ones which can provide reliable and secure mobile apps. Technology has been a great help to the techies in all the aspects, but now it is here to give the immunity to the mobile apps.